Detoxing with Seaweed

I recently took a trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand, where in addition to many holistic treatments I thoroughly enjoyed a variety of excellent detoxifying  smoothies and fresh juices. On my return home I felt inspired to get my blender out and create some healthy smoothies to cleanse, detox and simply perk myself up, but in the absence of the exotic fruits I sampled in abundance on my trip I thought I’d look for good British detox ingredients.

My first thoughts were strawberries as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They have diuretic, purifying and detoxifying properties so were perfect for my purpose. In addition, red fruits are recommended and beneficial for asthma and allergy problems and when making smoothies the frozen berries can be substituted for fresh if they are out of season.

Strawberries alone were not enough to add the necessary boost to my detox plans and inspired by  smoothie recipes  featuring kale I decided to  add  the fabulous mineral qualities of British seaweed.  After all, in Ireland and the Caribbean, seaweed-based drinks and soups are drunk as a regular pick-me-up, or after an illness. Now seaweed might not win any beauty contests but it is undoubtedly a super food being packed with health-giving minerals.


5 Strawberries, hulled

1 tea cup of rice, oats or almonds milk

1 tablespoon of cooked seaweed (I use laver)

1 twist of lemon

Pinch sea salt



Cut the strawberries into pieces, add a pinch of sea salt and let it marinate for 20 minutes.

Mix rice, almond or oats milk with the strawberries in a liquidiser.

Add the seaweed and lemon and liquidise again.

Serve over ice


As you get into seaweed and it’s health giving qualities that include everything from balancing hormones, aiding digestion, aiding cardiovascular health and being a great detox aid, you might want rustle up a smoothie that is great as a morning boost:

The Green Goddess


1 frozen banana peeled and chopped

¼ pineapple including core chopped

300ml cold water

2 tablespoons of lava seaweed

2 tsp local honey



Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth, pour into a glass and enjoy immediately.

If you are struggling to find seaweed in your local shops and don’t fancy foraging your own can supply fresh and dried British seaweed straight to your door.

All that remains to say is drink up your greens, chin, chin!