Good Clean Fun – Washing Hints


Whilst we have modern washing machines to tackle the bulk of our weekly laundry needs there are some delicate garments that benefit from being washed and treated with a little vintage tender loving care.




When washing silk add a teaspoonful of methylated spirits to the rinsing water as it will help preserve the natural sheen of the silk.


Black Lace

To revive black lace and indeed small black crepe items wash thoroughly in cold beer. Press the washed item between two clean towels to dry and then pin the lace to a fresh towel, according to its shape and then when it is nearly dry cover it with a thin towel and iron it with a cool iron.


Removing Stains from Vintage Linen


To remove tea stains from linen place the item into a large pan of cold water and add one tablespoon of turpentine (pure turpentine available from artists shops) for vey four pints of cold water added.  Bring the pan with the linen in to the boil and allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes before allowing to cool, ringing and rinsing in fresh, clean water.


To remove fresh Wine stains from linen cloths hold the affected area in a freshly boiled milk and then rinse thoroughly in clean water. Then launder as usual.


*if the stains are very old these methods may not be as effective, for as with all stains they are best treated whilst fresh.